About The Artist

Originally from Ohio, Alise is from a large extended family of creatives. Raised amongst musicians, poets and artists as well as world traveling storytellers, Alise had all of the tools and inspiration needed to become a maker herself.

In San Francisco she studied at The Academy Of Art with an emphasis in sculpture and continued to study under teachers in divergent styles of art including learning the techniques of The Dutch Masters with Linda Schroeter, Abstract and landscapes with Pauline Agnew and Encaustics with Chris Reilly. Alise created a unique line of hand sculpted silver clay jewelry and small sculptures called Wishnest which was licensed and sold in stores worldwide. Now back to her fine art roots Alise is continuing to be inspired by Magic, Birds, Humans and Nature and combines these in an ephemeral style of mixed media work that captures light, embodies story and speaks from her soul. Her greatest wish is to fearlessly express her deep compassion about the fragility of life and inspire others to connect and care for each other and our planet.